We build your brand as we put your products into the hands of the consumers.

Our sales, marketing and channel management group helps you master multichannel strategies for sales excellence by building your brand through high-impact customer interactions and simultaneously driving efficiency in areas such as face-to-face sales force, in-house sales, and third-party channel partners.

Our philosophy has always been to serve as the vehicle for sales growth and brand success by keeping our principals and their customers in an informed, comfortable and prospering relationship.

We reinforce the partnership with each working day through our belief that we are directly part of your organization and should act as an integral part of your overall operations.

What makes our marketing and sales activities effective and efficient over the years is the use of real-time technology to monitor sales and marketing activities in a timely manner. Our real-time monitoring process has been centered on specific developments such as tracking opportunities through the sales pipeline, managing marketing campaigns, or providing automation for specialized environments. Our concern for the need of the end-users (customers) and the product we represent is taken into account on a daily basis to maximize the value of each channel—as well as their seamless interplay—to drive profit and revenue.

GBPI’s Sales & Marketing Services and Management expertise includes:

Brand value management and portfolio development – A strong brand is a key driver of sustainable competitive advantage, which enables manufacturers and product designers to generate volume, and establish advantage pricing. We perform extensive consumer and category research to understand the key areas of opportunity where your brand can realize its full potential. Additionally, we conduct a risk analysis to understand which categories could erode the brands’ core equity and should be avoided. Brands are valuable assets that need to be managed with a long term value focus in mind, therefore, our brand managers and handlers are driven by the essential branding principles: (1) they ‘live and breathe’ the brand, (2) and they think like their customers.

Trade marketing services and support - our trade strategy team helps you map out your plan of action for all customer interaction. From in-store activation to merchandising to point-of-sales production and implementation, we maximize the efficiency of push actions between brands and retailers in a win-win approach. Our trade marketing service model integrates the entire process with innovative program via use of technology and deployment of skilled manpower.

Effective sales and development program - we have identified devices to maximize our sales management for each product we carry. Our in-house Training Manager regularly conducts exceptional training programs with regular recertification for the sales force to help ensure that customers’ inquiries, purchases and concerns are properly handled and addressed.

We strengthen dealer engagement programs by making available a tracking system highlighting performance standards for each product. Helping them meet those standards to increase sales is one way to encourage participation. We also help them to understand what may possibly be preventing them from following upleads, helping identify low-hanging fruits in accounts, for performance improvement, and addressing those issues with training efforts.

Another key area that is essential is the field force engagement. Our field sales teams have access to key metrics that can be used to help identify areas for sales improvement. They ensure consistent and regular dialogue with sellers (drugstores, supermarkets, and dealers) regarding key program activities and performance optimization on the forefront. Further, they are also required to continuously observe trends and benchmark information for principal reporting. We also set objectives and offer incentives for good results among field teams and dealers to encourage ongoing engagement.

Channel strategies, management and distribution effectiveness – we believe that distribution precedes consumption. We make sure that your products are delivered on time and are displayed prominently on the shelves. Our strong channel management orientation will help protect your brand value, create and maintain customer loyalty while strengthening your new customer acquisition. Over the years, we established strong relationships between our vendors and other third-party resellers to get your products into customers’ hands while ensuring quality post-sales service and support.

Depending on your distribution objectives, the prevailing market conditions and your products’ unique characteristics, we can employ either a single-tier or two-tier approach to channel management. This is to ensure the high level of availability of your products and to maintain the high customer service level. Additionally, we provide and makes use of appropriate distribution models to work with distributors, wholesalers and the like. An initial analysis of your desired output level is the first step towards determining what distribution type will best suit your business.

Customer lifecycle value management – we have developed proprietary tools and solutions to help you increase the satisfaction as well as your value to your customers. We support you in maximizing revenue and margins at every step along the consumer decision journey, from acquisition to upsell/cross-sell, to loyalty and retention. The tools and solutions were developed for our entire customer management platform, and we customized the program according to product portfolio and industry targeting. Then, we will work with you to analyze the behaviors and needs that characterize your most valuable customers, establish the right objectives and strategies, and identify the best means of reaching them.

With GPBI, our sales and marketing group can help you win the consumer decision journey, as we gather and discover practical insights that power brands’ growth, and master multichannel management for sales excellence.