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Our Regulatory Affairs group ensures the appropriate licensing, marketing and legal compliance of our retail and medical products in order to control the safety and efficacy of products. Combined with our knowledge of scientific, legal and business issues to ensure products that our principals developed and manufactured meet the required legislation prior to launch. Our regulatory affairs officers will be involved throughout the process, right from the beginning:

- Coordinating the approval and registration of our principals' products
- Ensuring that all products comply with the regulations our international and local regulatory agencies
- Keeping abreast of legislation, guidelines and customer practices
- Collecting, collating and evaluating scientific data that has been researched provided by our principals.
- Preparing submissions of license variations and renewals to strict deadlines
- Developing clear, accessible product labels and patient information for marketing and promotional materials

We also provide strategic advice to principals' management throughout the development of putting new product in the market. We also acted as advisor to principals on the legal and specification restraints and requirements for products that will be marketed in the Philippines. These include investigation of product complaints and prepare documentation and submissions to appropriate regulatory agencies as necessary, and participate in the development or implementation of clinical trial protocols if needed, and we manage and maintain all safety meetings and safety policies for your products.