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One of the challenges of our partners and principals is the emergence of brand parity. Each year, new products from pharmaceuticals and consumer manufacturers find their way into drugstores and hospital pharmacy shelves. GBPI-ISD's experienced and passionate team is known for its strong capability to streamline the entire process of making products available to its targeted customers. Covering all regions, our team can offer merchandising services tailored to fit every venture no matter the complexity.

We do not simply coordinate your sales; we put emphasis on your merchandising programs to make the best of the consumer experience and promote increased sell-through rates. Because we manage your brand's retail image, we consider ourselves an extension of the principals we work with. Through our merchandising management process, we work hand-in-hand with our retailers:

- Constructing a consumer-friendly item mix and shelf layouts that increase consumer purchases while reducing retail out-of-stocks.
- Producing effective retail promotions and strategically-priced items to heighten consumer-perceived value
- Creating specific store strategies to address competition and store layout recommendations to capture today's busy consumers.

We understand that effective merchandising means having the right product, in the right amount, in the right place, at the right price, at the right time. Consequently, we collaborate with both with our principals and merchants to develop a retail plan that covers all key points, offering high merchandising services that include: shelf replenishment, labeling, planogram design and implementation, and stock and deliveries management.

We know how important merchandising strategies in retail sales, thus, we bring you our proven experience, more involvement, and retail-focused passion to the table. We will give your product the special attention it deserves. Our team is dedicated to make your product stand out from the rest so customers will choose your brand.