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GBPI has a strong distribution and supply chain management, which is based on two crucial directions that our business follows: 1) we aim to meet our customers' specific requirements and; 2) their service expectations. At PSD, we put particular importance on accuracy in our distribution process as this is highly-valued by our customers. This is why we constantly measure our performance against this parameter together with reliability and responsiveness.

Our Distribution & Logistics Services group supports us all the way to warrant a smooth distribution and logistics process. With a particular strong background in retail sales, logistics, customer service skills, a proficient supplier account management team and with our expertise in warehouse management, we are perfectly equipped to ensure a fast, accurate and reliable distribution.

We have years of proven experience in designing optimum supply chain performance in the retail and pharmaceutical industry. We understand that thorough analysis and innovative design is at the heart of an effective supply chain solution and distribution, therefore, we support your needs with targeted expertise in:

- Supply chain process design and improvement;
- Distribution network optimization;
- Strategic transportation design;
- Facility layouts and simulations;
- Packaging technology, and labor; and
- Staff planning.

And, we've earned the reputation for consistently delivering solutions that streamline operations and improve control.

We also put importance in our distribution and supply chain operations and focus on demand planning, forecasting, and inventory management. We evaluate customer demand for a particular product we carry during a specific period of time based on historical data, external drivers such as upcoming sales and promotions, and any changes in trends or competition. We use this data in our demand planning to develop accurate forecasts to effective inventory management. This allows both our company and our partners to reduce inventory-carrying costs while still meeting customer needs.

To further achieve our objective of 100% accuracy, reliability and responsiveness within our distribution network, we have put contingency measures in place and we always strive to keep up to date with new technologies in order to provide our customers with an outstanding customer supply chain management.