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Tailored marketing solutions to bring healthcare professionals and consumers together

The success of our pharmaceutical consumer marketing relies on a collaborative care model, involving cooperation between our team, consumers, pharmacists and healthcare providers. We conduct assessment of market demand for our product, help formulate a forecast that accounts for the specific business drivers, and develop activation programs that will support the products off the shelves.

Having substantial experience in the pharmaceutical, healthcare and consumer business, we will identify the best approach to help you make sound business strategies tailor-fit to your product, depending on target market.

We have obtained deep insight over the years into what motivates healthcare and consumer professionals to recommend or endorse products, what makes patients purchase them, and how to bridge potential gaps and overcome barriers. We have identified other relevant stakeholders and evaluate, in detail, the interaction between all parties involved in the decision making process.

Our approach is always grounded on research and insights about the consumers and trends. Utilizing these trends and insights, we inspire the consumers to take action on brand engagement that will lead to a lifetime loyalty.

- Consumer Research - we observe and analyze the behavior of our consumers, then develop the right tools and solutions to further ensure their satisfaction.
- Pricing and forecasting - we help you formulate the right price architecture by taking into consideration the impact of price, pack size, product promotions. We assist you in determining opportunities to right pricing leading to optimal volume and revenues.
- Product Messaging - we help you optimize your brand or product communication, benefits statements and claim strategy. We will help you recognize what is the most appealing message regarding your products.

And most importantly, we make sure that our products are always available and in the reach of our consumers. Furthermore, provide training for our teams to widen their knowledge and successfully get into the target market and strengthen their relationship with the customers.