Advanced user applications provide secure real-time visibility of information so that anyone throughout the business can make informed and timely decisions.

Our Information and Technology group develops and integrates products, services and technologies that identify, track and manage sales, supply chain assets and information. We are in the business of ensuring fast, efficient service management; therefore we assure high quality standards and service quality among our principals and their customers. In order to provide a seamless connection among the different sectors involving the business processes, we offer an array of technical support to our core services:

• Highly efficient and scalable infrastructure for management of continuously streaming real-time data from channel management to distribution and logistics, to customer servicing

• Real-time visibility and advanced user applications for analysis and reporting of operational and regulatory related information

• Secure data access and integration of real-time and historical data with other business systems for better analysis and planning between our sales management and our principals

• Consolidation of disparate data sources into a highly scalable data management platform

• Deployment of operational, performance and asset related analytics and real-time identification and notification of important events

Currently, our sales force in from Consumer & Sales Division, Getz Healthcare Division, and Institutional Sales & Distribution Division are equipped with Sales Force Automation (SFA) tools to provide speed and streamline all phases of sales from lead management to analytics and forecasting; and our mobile tools called GPAD (Getz Paperless Automated and Dynamic System) to maximize our call-detailing process. Our systems collate and mine the data into Information, which is further processed into market intelligence for analytical business decision making.

Above all, our IT solutions also safeguard the integrity of its transactions and ensure that the organization use conformant software and demonstrate a basic level of technical and operational readiness before any product enters the market.