Our excellent customer servicing consistently meets our customers' needs, and exceeds their expectations.

At Getz Bros., the customers are our greatest priority - in fact they are at the heart of the organization. Our confidence in customer care is extraordinary because we believe that this is a crucial element of business success. Every contact our customers have with your product is an opportunity for us to improve your product reputation and increase the likelihood of repeat purchases. We understand that every manufacturer and product/brand designers require immediate access to varying levels of support. Our different customer service branches will be available to extend more personalized customer service and assistance:

Customer Service Desk - this first point of contact is available to our business partners' customers every hour of every day. Ready to solve problems, address concerns on the products and their usage, or simply answers any question they may have. The service desk provides branded services, and we tailor-fit our support to meet customer needs while maintaining your branding communication. Likewise, we offer other contact points for customer convenience. Business partners and customers can contact the Customer Care Center through any of the following communication channels:

o Getz Direct Line : (02) 784-0448
o Getz Toll Free : 1800-10-000-GETZ (4389)
o Getz TXT : 0908-862-4818
o Getz Fax : (02) 631-1636
o Getz Mail :

Product Application Services - our team responds to after-sales inquiries with every new product or release. The Application Services team works closely with business partners' marketing and communications representatives to ensure proper application instructions on new products, product availability and lifespan.

Customer Relationship Management - our telesales team handles the day-to-day activities of our business partners' retention and loyalty programs to generate new sales opportunities and to help create more awareness of new products and services. We also provide after-sales assistance on booking concerns and order management. Our proprietary tools and solutions enable us to access stock inventory and customer information real-time.

Our Customer Care has systems and processes in place to maximize customers' satisfaction with your brands. We stand firm in our commitment to give you the highest standard of service. In partnership with our Information and Technology unit, we offer customer data management services, in real time, including:

o Order history
o Records of their contacts points such as previous phone calls, meetings and other contact information.
o Sales renewal rates
o Average order-fulfillment times

Furthermore, we implement customer feedback and contact programs--these are great opportunities to listen to the customers and to let them know more about what we can offer.

The other purpose of customer contact programs is to enable us to help you deliver tailored information to your customers, because we believe that your sales and profitability depends on keeping customers happy. With that in mind, we ensure that our competent Customer Care Agents are highly trained and adequately-equipped to assist customers and business partners with their needs in the most professional and engaging way. Consistent with our long-term vision of forging stronger partnerships with our principals and their customers, we continuously develop new and exciting service solutions that add real value to the entire customer experience as we grow together with them.