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With limited store space and shelves, and with new products coming in every day, companies give substantial attention to how and where their products are displayed in the store to make sure that their products capture their intended target markets.

Our merchandising group has an extensive nationwide coverage of extensively-trained merchandisers and coordinators in key modern trade accounts, secondary accounts, drugstores, petrol stations and convenience stores.

We know that the science of selling is extremely complex, that's why we are always on the look-out for even better ways to engage the shoppers. As one of the leading trade marketing and distribution services in the Philippines, we know how to provide retailers with in demand in-store activities to turn shoppers into buyers. We do not just produce and mount creative multi-brand merchandising programs, we also coordinate with store-brand marketers to integrate their activities to further highlight promotions and marketing activities - resulting in a win-win situation for shoppers, retailers and the brands we carry.

We effectively manage your point-of-sales from conception to program activation. Likewise, information on product off-take, availability, competitive activities, inventories and other in-store information are regularly made available to our clients for analysis and planning. We only partner with service providers that provide impeccable experience and expertise in the retail merchandising business who meet our high standards and unquestionable values.

At GBPI, we always aim to deliver quality, which the shopper expects from us and to be focused on our client needs - as we offer the right solutions in order to turn a selling experience into a lifetime relationship with the customers.