Consumer > Technology Integration

Similar to other aspect of our core services, we are committed to making technology a successful part of your revitalized product distribution and management. We focus on using the best IT services available for your business. Our Information & Technology integration team seeks tools that enable rapid integration of managing the sales of your products to logistics and distributions. Whether we're building from scratch or integrating with your existing system, our solutions are designed and implemented to meet these needs.

Presently, our sales teams are using Sales Force Automation (SFA) in their respective territorial business management. This automated sales tool enhances the full range of the sales activities such as lead management and distribution, deal progress, track milestones and channel management. The ease-of-use of SFA allows our sales representatives become more productive as they can monitor prospects their territorial leads and opportunities, and manage delivery of products on time. This sales automation program enables faster and smarter collaboration within our core business services, thus, providing you with higher sales productivity and greater pipeline visibility.

Our SFA also provides a 360-degree view of each customer and contact and allowing us to master our knowledge of every prospect and account. It also provides activity tracking and scheduling, thus, allowing us to coordinate their activities and provide them with prompt attention.

As we constantly seek new ways to maximize technology to enhance our sales and distribution performance, our current expertise enables better collaboration and fostering strong, long-lasting customer relationships with our direct customers and principals.