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Our dedicated customer care service offers all of the convenience and outstanding customer care you want from your business solutions partner--from the moment we get your product to the time the customers buy them.

We take the opportunity to educate and promote every time a supermarket manager or consumer reaches out about your product. By providing high-quality, reliable information during interactions via our customer care representatives, email, SMS, and other communication channels; we make a direct, positive impression on our customers. This enhances our brand, fuels positive word-of-mouth and gives both of us a leg up on the competition.

Similar to our Customer Care Agents dedicated for each business unit, we understand the needs of retailers and customers that enable you to:

- Deliver superior cross-channel service that builds trust and opens more doors to opportunities. We are not just your after-sales assistant but your help-desk support for partners and retailers with regard to product and service transactions.
- Boost marketing and sales efforts by delivering the right message at the right time. When details are reported, we respond to issues swiftly and appropriately. These feedback provide a quicker way to improving products, labelling, packaging, marketing efforts and the consumer experience - invaluable resources for identifying problems, negative reactions to products and potential manufacturing issues in their early stages, so we can both protect our consumers and brands.
- Support sales and brand education efforts through highly targeted and personalized campaigns.
- Protect brands by ensuring compliance and quickly identifying problems, issues or trends. We believe that each interaction presents a chance to collect and share valuable insight.
- Gain "voice of the customer" insight that helps to develop better products, execute more successful campaigns, and respond quickly to opportunities.

Through our customer care service, we will continuously improve service delivery, enhancing and protecting your brands, driving sales, and helping to reduce costs in numerous ways.